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What's the Right Private Tutor?

1:1 support is hugely rewarding for both tutor and pupil. Tutors can share their love and enthusiasm for a particular subject, which creates a chain reaction of fostering subject confidence, providing a warm safe environment in which to validate a topic, perhaps repeatedly ask the same question and builds a strong respectful bond between teacher and student.

However what makes that relationship work? Certainly the tutor must have experience, qualifications and knowledge in the subject matter area but it definitely needs to go deeper than pure subject expertise.

The importance of mutual respect and growing a strong #inspirational relationship should never be overlooked. If one thinks back to school days, there were maybe one or two teachers at most, who are truly remembered and left an impact on their students. For me it was our English Literature teacher, during one particular term we studied The Beatles Song, "Eleanor Rigby". The concept of being entirely and completely alone continues to haunt me to this day.

In my opinion a private tutor should always leave a lasting inspirational impact. They should be charismatic, inspire the student by bringing the subject to life, build a strong core subject foundation and importantly have the time and freedom to create a higher 3 dimensional understanding. Basically take the subject and flip it on it's head to inspire and provide that light bulb moment for each individual student.

With that in mind, great tutors come in all different shapes and sizes and importantly with different backgrounds and not necessarily always with a pure teaching background. The cross transference of skills, embedding business views and examples into learning and using live experiences as proof points, should never be under estimated.

Be selective when choosing your #tutor and tutoring company. It should not be a pure numbers game.

Juunipa Tutors takes time to ensure that the right "fit" is found between tutor and student - we want our students to succeed, embrace tuition and in many years to come to think back fondly of their inspirational tutor who played an important part in shaping their future.

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