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Native Genius

I attended a course recently during which we discussed "Native Genius". A term that I, for one, hadn't heard of but certainly found intriguing!

We were asked to consider actions and activities that we find easy, enjoy doing and come completely naturally. After reflection I realised that I love problem solving. Give me an issue, the bigger and more complex the better, I'll unravel and dissect it, break it down and find a solution. I am good, in fact dare I say it, great at solving problems and this folks is my Native Genius.

Weirdo I hear some of you muttering, well yes perhaps, but now I'm aware of my Native Genius and have had time to consider, it does actually make sense to me. You see I'm not a jogging along sort of person. Maintenance mode and I are not friends. I like to be "on it". I need to be active otherwise I feel sluggish and mentally disengaged, a character trait I'm sure that supports my Native Genius joy of getting knee deep into a complex situation and working it out. Making order from chaos.

The course instructor went on to explain that we also have a "Hidden Native Genius". A similar concept to Native Genius but this time a second quality that we hadn't fully tapped into. This caused much reflection amongst the group and did require a longer period to digest. However we all realised that the instructor was indeed correct and we too had a Hidden Native Genius. For me it's creativity. I'm certainly no Banksy or Van Gogh but I do appreciate and enjoy design. I like things to look a certain way, furniture, clothes, presentations, images and the more quirky the better.

Now that my Native Genius's and I are well acquainted, I am able to tap into them more frequently. It certainly makes for a more productive and enjoyable working environment, allowing team members to each excel within their own Native Genius.

So to my point - shockingly yes I do have one - students each have strengths and weaknesses - but are they actually aware of them? Are they in synch with their Native Genius? Imagine how inspired and more receptive to learning children would be if tuition played to students strengths, incorporating their learning receptors and Native Genius into their daily curriculum.

Juunipa Tutors aims to do just this. Identifying the Native Genius, playing to students strengths and inspiring them to realize their potential, across all key stages and attainment levels.

We may not all be your classic superhero but we most certainly have a Native Genius or 2!

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