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Article: Motherhood THE real deal

December 2019

The Gift of Dyslexia 

The world of a dyslexic, is a visual world.  Thoughts and memories are created and retrieved via images and pictures, hence the need for multisensory learning. If you can touch it, feel it and see it – there's more chance of remembering it.  This natural ability to visualize provides a direct and tangible advantage for creativity. Click here to read more.

dyslexia, private tutor
Dyslexia Juunia Tutor Interview

Interview: Motherhood THE real deal

October 2019

The Truth About Dyslexia

Imagine being in a system which didn’t “get you”. That’s what it was like for Julie whose twins are profoundly dyslexic – and so many other parents whose children are dyslexic. That’s the truth about dyslexia. Something which affects 10% of the population, 4% severely.  Click here to read full interview.

private tutor
private tutor, online tuition

Interview: The Village Voice

Issue 147 December 2018

Tutors & Typing for Dyslexia

Local company Juunipa Tutors was established to provide tutoring and touch-typing tuition for children including a specialist team for children with dyslexia. Each tutor is hand-selected, reference checked, DBS certified and Dyslexia Aware. Read more

private tutor, dyslexia
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Interview: 107 Meridian FM


13 December 2018 8PM

Dave Roberts "Music for Grown-Ups Show"

Live radio interview with founding member of Juunipa Tutors.

Why Juunipa Tutors, what does Juunipa mean and what drives the passion to realize children's potential?

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