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Many Ways to Skin a Cat!

You will have to forgive the title of this blog. I am certainly not proposing that our beloved felines are harmed in any way!

Instead I want to discuss the art of being creative, or "tricking", and I use that term lightly, our children into doing something they ordinarily may not want to do AND all for their greater good.

How many of us have grated parsnips into mashed potatoes to ensure that our younglings consume their daily allowance of vegetables, or half eaten the mince pie left out for Santa, ensuring the magic of Christmas has maximum impact - you get my drift.

Juunipa Tutors are masters of disguise. We flip and rotate our students challenges and come up the uber creative solutions to help overcome their fears.

We have a particular dyslexic student who is articulate, smart, sparky and engaging but unable to put pen to paper, start a sentence or an essay.. the fear of actually starting is an issue for her. She is however extremely talented creatively, loves design, music and creative media.

So we have disguised Literacy in art of Newspaper Journalism. We are tapping into her strong creative side and taken the focus away from traditional Literacy. Instead with her Journalist Tutor they are planning, discussing and writing articles, analysing headlines, reporting on events and enjoying the art of story telling.

By shifting the focus away from the Literacy "block" and submersing in the story, Literacy, by default, has become the by-product. Effectively removing the stress and allowing the creativity to flow.... and boy is it flowing!

We are excited to see the transformation and rest assured your felines are safe, it's the parsnips that should be concerned ;o)

Juunipa Tutors supporting the whole child.

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