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Me, Myself and I

When the chips are down and all else fails, who can we rely on?

Luckily for the majority we are surrounded by family, friends, teachers and colleagues who will support, hold our hand, offer advice, a shoulder to cry on and words of wisdom to fire up required action - super!

But then what? Once the inspirational words have been shared, who is ultimately responsible for making "things"... "that thing" actually happen. Yes you got it - it's me, myself and I.

Despite the best will in the world, the best trainer, the best friend, the best teacher.... the final piece to the jigsaw, the piece that brings it all together and actually makes "it" happen is you.

In these rather tricky times and with so much uncertainty and interrupted schooling, students are being required to dig extra deep. Teachers, family and friends can help make that dream a reality, can provide instruction to steer a fail into a pass but they can't run the race or sit the exam. This is entirely down to you.

This will be the year when self-study, self-belief, dedication and a strong drive to succeed will prevail.

In sport especially top tier, ability is vitally important... sure it goes without saying...but equally are guts, determination, focus, commitment and the passion to succeed. Some sportsman may have all the ability in the world but without that unparalleled focus or ability to hold their nerve, they will rarely reach their true potential.

So to all students out there in these challenging times, take time to understand your subject, digest, debate and jump into it with both feet. Take guidance and instruction from teachers, tutors and experts. Don't be hesitant, don't be half hearted and remember this is your time, your future, your success and your achievement.

Interestingly if you search the meaning of "effort"; achievement, attainment, feat, self-discipline and exertion are also returned. Strong powerful words indeed and all simply radiating positivity and success.

So to the classes of 2020, be focused, strive to succeed, aim high and dig deep - you will make it happen if you believe in yourself and push just that little harder. Embrace support, be happy with the level of effort you put in and be proud of your achievements however large or seemingly small.

Self-belief, aim high, study hard, class of 2020
Me, Myself and I

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