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The Need to be Present

Time is really quite impressive.

It seems to morph and bend and appears to even play tricks on us!

When embarking on something tedious, uninteresting or possibly a tad dull, the minutes seem to pass as hours.

It's incredibly easy to switch off, tell oneself something is boring or too difficult. How often do you hear students utter "I can't do it"!

I for one used to struggle to engage, to remain focused and often even stay awake!

But no more, you hear me cry. I have recently starting being 'present' and I mean really properly 'present'.

I honestly do believe being mentally open and present is a game changer and I would urge you all to give it go. In education for sure but in all aspects of life - it's certainly having a positive impact on my values, relationships, concentration and indeed heightened my empathy.

Next time you are entering a classroom, walking down the street or chatting with a colleague... engage, really engage, you may be surprised how different the experience is.

And lets be honest in a blink of an eye our children grow up, our students graduate and entire seasons pass as days... let's consume our surroundings and savour every minute, moment and opportunity that comes our way!

Juunipa Tutors keep tuition as creative and alternative as possible. We play to students strengths, weave in interests and hobbies into tuition to capture imagination. For more information

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