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Dyslexia and Why?

There is much written about dyslexia including the daily struggles and learning challenges that it can bring. As a dyslexic mother of dyslexic boys, this I can understand.

However, there is more to dyslexia than the pure reversal of letters, mirror writing and continually getting lost!

We see, think and process many things, so very differently to others. Our world is full of lateral thought processes, visual images, multiple visual notes and the need to understand everything!

I love to ask a question, I love ask why and I love to understand a process - this is our area of exceptional expertise. This bottom up approach allows us dyslexic's to understand the how and why, which in turn allows us to remember the what and the when.

Once we can work out the principles of something we are able to understand what's actually required of us... a perfect foundation for architects, designers and entrepreneurs.

Parents urge your children to be curious, encourage your dyslexic children to create and importantly do your best to answer the "why" - the "why's" could just be the future of our tomorrow.

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