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Dyslexia Parents Be Informed

As a mother of dyslexic twin boys, I was forced to set on path of enlightenment and what a sharp upward learning curve I took!

Granted this was a few years back, when dyslexia and learning difficulties weren't as accepted (I use this word lightly) or publicly communicated as they are today. Information was available but it was fragmented. Statement, now EHCP, processes and rules of engagement were known by a few and despite being in private education the weight of my children's success fell entirely on my shoulders.

Luckily I'm rather determined, some would...alright majority.... would say this is too mild an understatement, that my Tiger Mummy kicked in and went into warp drive but needs must. My precious children where struggling, I didn't entirely understand why but something absolutely, without question needed to be done. Step up Tiger Mummy!

Roll on a few years, my children are well adjusted dyslexic young men who did survive and succeed at school. I am now SEN qualified and for sure, pretty well informed...but boy was it tough!

If I could wave that magic wand and go back to the first warning signs and comments from teachers about my sons lack of progress I would. Second time round I would be more informed, more structured and creative with my approach. Tiger Mummy would go into warp drive focus on day one and the fight would still commence. Yes fight is a strong word, but any parent who is going through schooling a dyslexic child will entirely understand this comment.

Juunipa Tutors runs Dyslexia Aware Parent Courses to help parents broaden their understanding of dyslexia, the impact on their children and ways to support/work with their children - think square peg, round hole. A morning of hints and tips, learning strategies and easy to understand information on what your child will be experiencing and how parents can modify daily life to maximise their children's involvement in it.

Next course is SAT 29 June 2019 09:30 - 12:30 at Kingswood Golf Club, Kingswood, Surrey. Full agenda and ticket information can be found at

If this information was available to my former self, without question it would have made our journey an easier one. Be informed parents, it's the only way forward if nothing else for your emotional stability and sanity ;o)

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