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Faith Restored

I have to admit, that I'm not generally known for being all warm and fuzzy floating through fields of daisy chains wearing a long floral dress, however I do think it could all be changing!

I'm on the cusp of concluding a significant recruitment drive, that's seen me spending multiple hours interviewing and chatting with potential tutors to join the Juunipa Team... and wow what a bunch!

I've had the great pleasure of chatting with so many hard-working, extremely well educated, decent people, who are honourably passionate about helping and supporting others, and not solely for monetary reward. A charming lady yesterday was so open, warm and inspiring it was contagious. Those positive vibes were infectious leaving me upbeat and dare I say it, all warm and fuzzy.

Much I feel can be learnt.

Being thankful, respectful and emotionally generous, definitely has a positive effect and if I'm anything to go by, that humble positivity is sure to be reciprocated.

My faith in decency has been restored and rather nicely in time for the weekend!

Happy Friday people....

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