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Home Schooling - Can It Work?

Updated: Jul 22, 2019

In the UK Home Schooling or Home Education is on the rise. 2018 saw a 40% increase over the preceding 3 year period. Roll on just another year and that percentage increase is gaining momentum with an estimated 50,000 children enjoying a Home Education.

Whilst in the UK Home Schooling is legal, surprisingly Home Schooling is illegal in many countries, for example in Greece and Netherlands.

However in line with the UK, America has a strong Home Education movement which is gaining momentum. An estimated 3.4% of the student population (more than 2 million children) are Home Schooled. Interestingly America has reported a trend whereby Home Schooled students are achieving higher academic grades than their peers.

So why Home Schooling? The British Education System is a wonderful thing, however some students require a different approach; they may be gifted, suffer with learning difficulties, ASD, dyslexia, anxiety or ill health, perhaps local schools are under performing or indeed logistically the physical journey into school is just too challenging.

From first hand experience, the key to successful Home Schooling is planning. Much thought is required to create the right curriculum, timetable and method of instruction for each student. Home Schooling allows complete flexibility. This is the time to break free and offer your child an amazing opportunity to shine.

Interaction with other children is equally important as academic instruction. Strong social and communication skills will provide a solid foundation for any child's future and should not be underestimated. It's not always the brightest people who succeed but those who are able to easily work a room and build important business and personal relationships.

Juunipa Tutors offer curriculum and timetable planning in addition to providing hand-selected tutors to match your child's needs. We spend time getting to know the family and student ensuring that we find the perfect academic and personality match.

Our tutors work together providing a structured, personal, expert and uniquely rounded education for each student. Combined with a monthly billing plan and access to both academic and non-academic tuition, we are 100% supportive and committed to help parents through their exciting and possibly daunting Home Schooling journey.

To chat through your ideas please contact: and we look forward to helping you through exciting your journey.

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