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I'm Bored.... really?

I wonder how many times we've heard our children mutter, shout, yell and indeed groan the infamous words "I'm bored!" often preceded with an extended sigh and roll of the eyes, as they flop themselves down on a sofa, flip upside down, legs in the air and proceed to flick through the TV channels with blood rushing to their heads at an alarming rate!

However during these current exceptional times, we can perhaps forgive our children for struggling with a little boredom.. but are they really bored? I write this Blog looking out of my window watching children go by, taking their daily exercise within their social isolation groups; walking family dogs, riding their bikes and strolling with their parents. In the 4 years I've lived in this house I've not seen so many children. I've seen fewer walking their dogs and even less ride past on their bicycles. It's a lovely sight I have to say, even in these worrying times, seeing our children going back to basics.

And this back to basics approach is something that truly warms my heart. Now I admit that I am a contradiction, writing a Blog which is "thoroughly modern" about acknowledging and appreciating a more "old school" approach but this is, it seems, where we find ourselves today.

Weirdly, enforced isolation has increased collaboration, random acts of kindness and interaction. A clash of old school meets modern, where technology is helping us to creatively pull together, stay safe and indeed sane! Virtual Quiz nights, Joe Wick's daily PE workouts, neighbours having a blast booging at their daily street dance and indoor toddler assort courses. This is truly amazing stuff. It's heart warming, it's inspirational and I so hope that we will all become better for it.

I hope that mindsets will shift a little. That we will slow down, take more time to consider the important things in life and that our children, our future generation, will learn to value... well values! The value of the wonderful world we live in, the incredible capability of their imagination, a great book, interacting with people, learning about who we are and importantly the value of learning. Learning how to cook, repair a bike puncture, good hygiene, health, being inquisitive, education and hungry to broaden horizons.

The human brain is outstanding with an estimated storage capacity of about 2.5 petabytes. That is the equivalent of 3 million hours of recorded television shows. Surely combining such immense mental capacity, creativity and imagination, "I'm Bored" should have little place in the future.

Stay safe people. Stay sane and be kind.

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