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Is Private Tutoring Worth The Money?

In short the answer is yes, as long as it's the right private tutor for the student.

It's a case of horses for courses. None of us are the same, we all think differently, act differently, learn differently and are at different levels and standards. The perfect private tutor for you, may be completely off whack for your next door neighbour.

The key is finding the right tutor for you. Not the best tutor, not the most qualified or most experienced tutor but the right tutor for you. For a tutor, flexibility and adaptability are the most vital aspects of their role.

Funnily enough just last night I received a very quick note from a tutor, after completing her first engagement with a new student "Really wonderful first session. E is pretty clever. I haven't figured her need yet" - now that folks is what I am referring too.. the ability, time and willingness of the tutor to "figure out her need".

Dedicated time and focus on one child and their individual needs and requirements is a huge benefit of private tutoring and should be the focus of every good tutor. Think elite sportspeople and the importance of their personal or team coach and the dramatic impact a great coach can have. It's exactly the same for educational tutors, the impact can be immense.

I'm a horsey girl, always have been, always will be. Now I'm not a habitual taker of lessons, but love the idea of taking the odd lesson with top a professional rider and different experts. However as a perfectionist, I personally come away feeling as though, for the most part, I'm just a number and the focus isn't sufficiently on me. I'm guessing lack of vested interest in my personal success (told you perfectionist and I should add highly competitive!).

I've since found the perfect trainer for me. She's a fantastic rider herself but not a qualified instructor. She's straight talking and often hard to pin down but her results for me are amazing. In a 30 minute session, small tweaks to my hand position and speed to a jump, make a huge difference. I come away on cloud nine, positively buzzing and with immediate improved competition results.

However I know that her direct style would send a friend of mine into a tail spin and they would not be a good fit.. not at all!

Private tutoring provides the ability to dedicate time to focus on one specific area or topic, to build trust and rapport and about having time to work out what style of teaching best works for the student.

So to conclude, yes private tutoring is worth the money. 1:1 instruction is intense, there is nowhere to hide and will force students to truly address area's of weakness but will deliver fast track results but it must be right tutor to pupil match.

Relationship and rapport should never be overlooked - horses for courses - like most things private tuition is not a one size fits all activity.. we are all different and we certainly don't gel with all we meet. Private tutors should be like gymnasts: flexible, talented and adaptable.

Happy Saturday people.

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