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Juunipa - how do you spell that?

I agree Juunipa Tutors isn't the traditional business name and no, Juunipa doesn't actually mean anything - sorry!

However the slightly off-piste spelling is indeed a nod to the dyslexic's among us. As you may have noticed there is a theme to my views, blog, social media @juunipa and indeed the ethos of Juunipa Tutors:

... it's okay to be wired differently.

Sadly and in my humble opinion, the need and often requirement to "blend in" and be "cookie cutter" versions of each other appears to be increasing. I like the idea of bucking this trend, breaking free and letting go of ones individuality. Great things come from those who dare to think differently, who aren't afraid to stand by their convictions and take those calculated risks, these bold people make truly great things happen.

So if this means wearing odd socks, loving a particular hat, happy to stay in and paint rather than paint the town or being memorized by the wonders of our solar system, don't feel pressurized to change people. Stand firm. Be yourself and make great things happen.

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