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Maths - Is It Still Needed?

How many times do we hear "I don't use any of the Maths I learnt at school"...quite a lot I'm guessing and for sure this statement is partially true.

However as arithmetic, algebra and geometry can be traced back to 3000BC there has to be some reason why it's still a core subject and requirement for all students. None can dispute it has stood the test of time!

Yes in modern life we have excel, calculators, phones and indeed search engines all capable of working out currency and metric conversions, huge calculations, percentages and alike BUT Maths is very much part of our lives today, equally as it was 3000BC, in fact more so.

Commercially we are more advanced. We have more available cash and a larger earning capacity. We are bombarded daily with percentage discount vouchers, lure of sales, cheaper loan rates, higher saving rates, investments, mortgage deals and holiday incentives. It's therefore critical to understand the impact of these deals - hello Maths.

Let's wear our Maths hat and look at the journey of buying a house: pay rise, savings rates, mortgage rates, deposit percentage, conveyancing fee's, date deadlines, removal fee's and logistics, utilities metre readings, hire purchase agreements, direct debits, monthly budgeting, online banking, measuring and planning for a new kitchen … the list is almost endless as is the daily need for arithmetic, geometry etc

So folks as you can see Maths is indeed still required. Yes perhaps some aspects aren't obvious to us but without a core understanding of Maths, one could be left exposed and open for manipulation.

Be informed, be savvy, stick with the Maths, understand it's value to your life..

All of Juunipa Tutors Key Stage 3 and above Maths tutors are A* and First Class Degree Maths wizards across Maths, Pure Maths and Further Maths.

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