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Nature or Nurture?

A question that has been debated by many over the years, parents and experts alike. Certainly a question that we all, no doubt, will have an opinion on.

I'm currently reading an amazing and thought provoking book by Bruce Lipton called "The Biology of Belief" challenging the historic understanding of cell behaviours, their relationship to their environment and indeed the influence of environment to the cells. Only a few chapters in and yet I can certainly understand the impact of the findings to the Nature or Nurture question.

Cells pass on their learnings. They adapt, they learn, they morph, they share - evolution for sure. In a more simplistic sense I guess children evolve in the same way, morphing into their surroundings, learning behaviours from influences around them, both positively and negatively.

Behaviours are learnt and can be changed, as per good manners, healthy lifestyle choices and mindset to learning.

In the words of Kevin Costner "build it and they will come" certainly rings true...create a positive environment and children, as per cells, will morph into their surroundings.

Certainly food for thought - embrace positivity, embrace nurturing and encourage they clever cells to morph into the best version of themselves.

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